The achievement of AJ FOUNDATION in the Country depends upon deepening the social development and a better standard of living and education for the people. Thus, promoting projects through international collaboration will be highly significant in establishing a basis for mutual understanding. Increasingly intense interdependency raises problems that no single nation can solve on its own, such as economic friction, protection of the global environment, and other problems. Addressing these issues effectively will require help among concerned citizens around the world.

As economic development progresses and a largely urban middle class emerges in the country, the inroads made by new urban culture are transforming, traditional culture, society, and values. There is thus a pressing need, in working toward coexistence, preservation, and invigoration of the diverse cultures that have developed the Country, to strengthen institutions and to support training, education, and empowerment of local human resources.

The AJ FOUNDATION has a flexible variety of modalities for implementing these goals. It can initiate projects on its own, often collaborating in the planning, implementation and administration of projects with other organizations within Bangladesh.