In recognition of the needs for a better standard of living and education for the people, and in order to create an organization which could address those needs more effectively and expeditiously, an enactment for the establishment of AJ FOUNDATION in 1994.

Within this broad perimeter, AJ FOUNDATION has been extensively involved in the provision and improvement of educational opportunities and facilities in health and welfare services for society in Bangladesh.

This involvement assumed greater scope when the AJ FOUNDATION Enactment was amended in 1998 and 2003 to give deeper and broader emphasis to the advancement of education, the relief of poverty, and the undertaking of activities, which are benevolent and charitable in nature. The mission statement of AJ FOUNDATION reflects this emphasis as an effort To Enhance the Quality of Life.


“to promote sustainable social change by education and relief of poverty.”

The main objectives of AJ FOUNDATION

  1. To give deeper and broader emphasis to the advancement of education;
    ii. The relief of poverty;
    iii. The undertaking of activities, which are benevolent and charitable in nature.

The main task of Enactment is to provide and improve educational opportunities and relief of poverty.

It is involved in education from pre-school to university level and also carries out a comprehensive program, which covers grants, study loans and scholarships.

The AJ FOUNDATION established institute to produce trained human resources to meet the manpower needs of the nation in business, trade and industry. Besides its educational activities, also plays a role in human resource development. For more than 6 years, AJ FOUNDATION has positively contributed toward providing more opportunities and facilities on poverty elevation for the people of Bangladesh. In early 1999, AJ FOUNDATION enhanced its complementary and supplementary role by playing an active part in the country. Which is in line with its objective to uplift the standard of living of Bangladeshi. This new direction known as People Development focuses on individual development toward self-reliance.

AJ FOUNDATION has made significant progress through its educational and socio-economic programs. A qualitative approach and a more dynamic role is envisaged, even as it supplements and complements the activities of the Country.

The mission of AJ FOUNDATION ” to promote sustainable social change by education and relief of poverty.”

Adult classes, kindergarten, English class. Scholarships and study loans offered by AJ FOUNDATION are in line with the Foundation Enactment, which is to grant scholarships or other educational assistance for the people. Since 1995, about Tk.3.7 million has been spent on daily scholarships and hostels for students to continue their primary, secondary and higher education.

Socio-Culture Development
Religion and culture, etc.

In Development
* To carry out Development Fund Revolving Scheme for the poor.

* To organize seminars in relation to training skills for handicraft, sewing and educational.

* Acts as a flood relief Agriculture, poultry, handicraft, forestry, fresh water farming, etc

The Training Department provides: short and long term training courses and workshops Implementation of special training skills:

* To urge mankind especially youths towards goodness and deter from bad deeds amongst themselves so they can live in harmony.

* To create awareness amongst the management of the business on their roles in developing the community.

* To create awareness on the roles of youth in developing the nation.

The achievement of AJ FOUNDATION in the Country depends upon deepening the social development and a better standard of living and education for the people. Thus, promoting projects through international collaboration will be highly significant in establishing a basis for mutual understanding. Increasingly intense interdependency raises problems that no single nation can solve on its own, such as economic friction, protection of the global environment, and other problems. Addressing these issues effectively will require help among concerned citizens around the world.

As economic development progresses and a largely urban middle class emerges in the country, the inroads made by new urban culture are transforming, traditional culture, society, and values. There is thus a pressing need, in working toward coexistence, preservation, and invigoration of the diverse cultures that have developed the Country, to strengthen institutions and to support training, education, and empowerment of local human resources.

The AJ FOUNDATION has a flexible variety of modalities for implementing these goals. It can initiate projects on its own, often collaborating in the planning, implementation and administration of projects with other organizations within Bangladesh.

Southern Polytechnic Institute(SPI)

Norail Polytechnic Institute(NPI)
Southern Institute of Business & IT(SIBIT)
Southern Legal Advice Center(Free)

Southern Welfare

Women Empowerment

Monetary donations can only go so far; what we really need is people who believe in the cause to keep it alive. AJ Foundation believes it is important for people, young and old, to get involved with projects that are close to their hearts. That’s why we run a number of different programs to help you find a way to get involved that works for you.

Become a volunteer of AJ Foundation and make a difference today. Volunteers have been the backbone of AJF since the organization first began. There are many ways for you to get involved as a volunteer; just tell us what you’re good at and we’ll take care of the rest. Our volunteers have contributed in every capacity, from teaching classes to helping out at fundraising events. Just fill out the form with your areas of interest and we will contact you about future volunteering opportunities you might be interested in.

AJF is a charitable organization whose task is to bridge the gap between those who are financially privileged and those who are struggling. We provide a variety of ways to donate so you can choose the one that is most appropriate to you.

Donate or Sponsor someone for education


Focusing on efforts that both empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty and grant the donor perpetual rewards.

Organizing activities to improve the condition of disadvantaged people. AJF offers opportunities for youth to be involved in humanitarian and social justice work. Contact today to get your team involved.